Customer Testimonials

"We can not thank you enough for building our dream home. You have been such a wonderful team to work with throughout this process. From the moment we met Mike, we were impressed with his professionalism, work ethic, and expertise. You have been so incredibly responsive throughout the building process and this has continued since we have moved in. For example, we created our blueprint before we finalized our lot selection. The lot we ended up with was very unique and as we started building, we ended up making several changes to the original plan. Mike was accommodating to this and provided his own expert opinion for how we could best modify our home to maximize the view on our lot. He was very supportive of our desire to continue to customize our house to our ever-adapting vision for what we wanted.

In addition, Mike uses the highest quality building materials. All the contractors we worked with had nothing but the best compliments to Mike in terms of the quality of home he builds and numerous contractors mentioned they would choose him to build their home. He guides you through this process with his expertise and he demands nothing but the best from his team. He is a perfectionist and it goes to show in the beautiful home he has created for us. If we ever had to build our dream home again, we would choose Mike every time."

– Nina, Mike, Mason, and Sophia Vitto

"We have built 2 homes in the past both from the ground up and this house building experience has been the best experience that we both have ever had. Mike and all of the subcontractors are outstanding. When we were uncertain of some of the directions we should take, we could ALWAYS count on Mike to communicate all of the options, share solutions he has implemented in the past, and explain what he could do for us. In fact, midway through the process, we began to depend on Mike because everything he had done prior was done to perfection. His ideas and the craftsmanship in executing those ideas was exemplary. We truly love our home!

One of many examples of Mike’s extensive knowledge of design, in conjunction with the framing contractor, was our bathroom concept, which included a bench in the shower. This concept was absolutely amazing for us and more importantly, well executed. We all met at the site and they took the time to learn about what we wanted and worked he through several concepts before coming up with the current design - something that was just right for us- intuitive and clever. The craftsmanship was second to none.

We got to know every contractor we needed to talk to and were provided with the time frames with which we could meet. Mike uses contractors that he has worked with before and they all speak very highly of K and Z builders. Everything was so well laid out for us due to the cohesiveness of Mike’s team.

Building a new home can be a stressful process but we cannot emphasize enough how smooth and pleasant our home building experience was because of K and Z Builders. We are grateful for the experience of working with them and especially for the beauty and quality of the home that they have built for us. We feel as if Mike is now part of the family!

We have already recommended K and Z to our friends and family for building and renovations. We will continue to do so and will proudly use our home as an example of the outstanding work that Mike and the folks at K and Z have done. Thank you Mike!"

– Duane and Georgie

"We decided to build a custom home. At that time, we were working with a different builder. While we were finalizing a basement design; looking at a home the builder had built; I noticed a lovely Cape Cod style home built by K&Z Builders LLC adjacent to the home we were looking at in Hickory Hills subdivision. I asked our builder and realtor agent at that time, if we could see that lovely home. Several days later, our realtor connected with Mike and we were looking at that lovely home. We met Mike and he connected with us instantaneously. First impressions mean a lot. Mike was (and still is) very professional, knowledgeable, approachable, and had a super personality. Shortly thereafter, we called Mike and informed him that we could not stop thinking about that home and wanted to see it again and again. Within a couple of days, we decided we wanted Mike to build our custom dream home. We returned from Europe and started the process. It was truly an amazing journey. We connected with Mike and he knew exactly how to design a beautiful custom home for us with a French flare that is breathtaking. We described to Mike what we wanted and gave him pictures that we had collected from the internet and he and his team made it happen. They actually surprised me because I did not think they could do it without the specifications to the French details I wanted for the home. During the building process everyday was Christmas day; because every day there was something new and spectacular for us to see. We gave Mike the nickname “Superman” because he is exactly that, superman; he did the impossible.

He guided us along the path of completion and made suggestions that benefited us and the overall appearance of our lovely French flare home. I am a very meticulous, detailed oriented, and quality attentive individual about everything. Well, Mike and team met and exceeded our expectations. All of the subcontractors were friendly, great professionals, and experts in their field. At some point, we will plan house warming parties and invite Mike, Mark, Joanna, Buzz, Hendry, and all the subcontractors back to see the final product (our Versailles Chateau). Today we are in our magnificent home with absolutely no regrets about anything.

Mike Krickovic, Mark Carson, and subcontractors - You are the greatest and thank you for contributing to our dream home and building us a wonderful and exquisite home! We highly recommend Mike and his team for any construction job."

– Rob and Tee

"We hired K&Z Builders to build our custom home and we could not be happier with how it turned out! Building a custom home can be a daunting task, but Mike and the entire K&Z staff walked us through every step of the process. They were professional, thorough and supportive from start to finish.

Mike was at our home site daily to ensure construction was running smooth and in a timely manner. He has impressed us so much with his attention to detail and work ethic. You would be hard-pressed to find a builder who works harder than Mike or Rusty. Mike is not only professional, but also personable and truly cared about us and our family during this whole process.

The sub-contractors hired by K&Z are top notch professionals. The detail, quality and craftsmanship of our house are one of the first things noticed by others when they enter our home.

We cannot say enough great things about K&Z and specifically, Mike! We would highly recommend them to anyone considering the building or remodeling process."

– Eric and Kelly

"When we decided we wanted to modify our house we started looking around the area for contractors and quickly realized that Krickovic & Ziegler do any and all renovations of any significance in our area. So we took the number off one of their job signs and gave them a call. Mike Krickovic came over and spent a lot of time listening to what we wanted to do to our house and contributed a lot of great thoughts and ideas. Initially we had a very different vision of the project in mind but had a really nice back and forth collaboration with Mike and in the end, we came out far happier than if we had gone with the concept that we had initially imagined. To be honest, after the initial meeting and the collaboration process creating “the plan” began, we did not even go to another builder for a second quote.

I would say to anyone considering home renovation or even a new home build is that if you are the sort of person who really wants a balance of very high quality and what I considered a reasonable price, I could not imagine finding a better contractor to go through the process with! We have been thrilled!"

– Tom and Alyssa

"Shannon and I did not know what to expect when we undertook to build a custom home. We interviewed and vetted several builders and finally decided to go with Mike, and were still wary about the process even as we entered into it. We wanted to manage within our time and budget, and wanted to ensure we got good advice along the way. We wanted a builder that would be accountable, responsible, and would take pride in the product. After about 8 months of working closely with Mike and his team of skilled partners, we can say with certainty that we made the right choice.

Mike frequently brought his significant experience to the table to advise us, helping us to navigate issues so that our needs and expectations were met. The pride and professionalism that he and his team of craftsmen demonstrated throughout the process was remarkable. Because a friend was also building a home with a different builder at the same time, I was able to see how K&Z’s work surpassed other builders’. As with any project, not everything goes smoothly, and it is in those instances where people show their true colors. With every issue K&Z was true to our hope and partnered with us to work through issues openly and honestly, developing solutions that were fair but focused on our satisfaction.

The end result is a beautiful home that reflects our vision and our taste. We are very proud of the result, and exceedingly grateful to the team that helped us get here. Without the K&Z team we never would have been able to bring this to fruition. Their craftsmanship, dedication, professionalism, and expertise sis reflected in every facet of the construction and is the reason we are as happy as we are with our new home.

People have often asked me with trepidation 'how was the builder?' or 'So how bad was it?' expecting me to follow with a horror story of one sort or another. To each, I tell them this, 'If I could, I would love to build a custom home again – as long as K&Z is our builder. It went so well, and I learned so much in the process, that I think we could do even better the next time around.' The reaction to that statement are akin to the person looking at me as though I may have lost my mind, but then I add the following: 'As with most things, it is all about who you are working with that makes all the difference.'"

– Shannon & Rob

"We could not have been happier with the experience, quality of work and beautiful new home we built with Mike Krickovic and his team. Under a challenging deadline to complete our home in time for our son to start Kindergarten in the fall, Mike did an outstanding job of managing the project to meet our needs.

What really impressed us were the reactions my husband and I would receive from vendors when we identified ourselves as clients of Mike Krickovic’s. Everyone we worked with, from the granite fabricator to the fixtures retailer not only knew Mike but praised his work ethic and character. Mike had always treated our family with respect and kindness, but to hear unsolicited reverence from his peers really reinforced the authenticity of his character.

We were equally impressed with Mike’s personal dedication to our home. He builds homes to the standards he would use if he was building his own family’s new home. His consistent presence at the site and eye for detail ensure quality in every aspect of the process.

We have and will continue to recommend K&Z Builders to anyone considering building or renovating their home. Working with Mike we knew we had his support when we had questions or concerns throughout the building process. Still months after we’ve moved in, Mike continues to check in with us to make sure we are completely satisfied with our new home… and yes, we absolutely are!"

– Sarah & Kenny

"Our kitchen remodel was a huge project. I cannot imagine working with any other contractors, Mike and his team at K & Z were exceptional! From the start of the demolition to the interior finishing work, all K&Z employees and sub-contractors were very professional and courteous. We also appreciated how Mike went out of his way to be sure everything was going as planned with the project. Being out of a kitchen can be difficult for a family with young children, Mike made sure all the work happened on time and we got into our new kitchen as quickly as possible.

We would definitely call Mike in the future for any building project and we would also highly recommend K&Z builders to anyone who is considering any kind of a remodeling or construction project."

– Alison

"Mike and Rusty are not just in this business to build a house, they are in this to create a great living experience that includes a  great structure, but a great design that meets the needs of the homeowner.  They have great intelligence on smart ways to make a house be great.  More importantly, they are around for years after to answer questions, provide advice on future design choices, and just there to help answer general maintenance questions.  While we love our house, we would build with them again if we ever move, but would recommend Mike and Rusty.  They deliver and stand behind their product!!"

– Ross & Adrianne

"I bought a beautiful older home in the West end.  I loved the charm and the style of the house but it needed some updates.  Mike added a kitchen and a master bedroom suite and not only preserved the character of the house but enhanced it.  Mike was also wonderful to work with, available and responsive.  I am really happy with the results."


"Mike Krickovic and his team at K&Z were fabulous!  Not only did we have a challenging 1,100 s.f. addition (almost 2 completely separate 550 s.f. projects), but we removed a chimney from the center of the home, and removed all but 8 feet of the original back wall of the house, all while living there.

What initially impressed me the most was Mike’s attention to detail in providing an estimate for the project(s).   We set a day and he had all of his subcontractors arrive in shifts to determine their scope of work.  All subs arrived on time and thoroughly prepared- it was a well-oiled machine.   Within days I had an estimate, and while it was more than I had hoped, we worked together to determine areas that could be trimmed.

After breaking ground, there were a total of 2 days in the 4 month project when work was not being done (one was during a hurricane, and another was a rainy roofing day).  I enjoyed working with all of the subcontractors and it was clear that they had a great deal of respect for Mike and would go above and beyond to make his clients happy.  I have used a couple of his subs since on smaller follow up items and have been equally pleased.  Having said all of this, Mike also completed an addition for my next door neighbors (equally pleased) and is now in the process of helping another dear friend with extensive property management experience, whom, after meeting with Mike, said he HAD to be the one to do it.

I still tell people that it is very rare to find someone who still loves their contractor after the project is over.  I can’t say enough about how impressed I was and continue to be with Mike’s knowledge, attitude, professionalism and efficiency.   He was always accessible (I still have the cell phone memorized) and began almost each day assessing the previous day’s work before providing that day’s marching orders.  He allowed me to be as involved as I cared to be (maybe more than he would have liked at times  J) and became part of the family.  Another astonishing item was Mike’s estimated date of completion- 12/23.  My thought was, “really? Why would you set yourself up like that?” thinking there was no way to finish 2 days before Christmas.  Sure enough, the electrician was installing the new flat screen over the stone fireplace on Christmas Eve – well played, Mike, well played! 

Thanks so much and best of luck to you guys!!"

  Jane & Ryan

"Mike came highly recommended to us from our neighbor and at our first meeting, he clearly had insight into our home’s structural design, what was going to be behind the walls.   He and his team had creative ideas for how we could modernize the space for a large family while keeping the charm of an older home, which was built in the 1940s. Mike was able to give best case and worse case scenario costs so I knew what to expect when budgeting out the project.  He was able to stick to the timeline and finish on time.  His team of plumbers, carpenters and electricians were very professional.  We liked Mike and his team so much, we did a second addition a couple years later and loved how it turned out and how it compliments the rest of the house, like it was always there."

– Millie & Allan

"I am proud to recommend and commend K&Z Builders as reliable and competent home contractors. My wife and I have used this firm for three major projects at our residence and have been exceedingly pleased with the quality of the resultant product. Other members of my family have also used K&Z Builders, as well as friends that I have referred to the Firm. All have experienced the same pleasing and quality outcomes. When a project is underway both Mr. Krickovic and Mr. Ziegler are readily available for the client and are constantly on the job assuring the client of consistent compliance with the agreed on work specifications. The work is fairly and competitively priced."

– John & Gina

"We had been planning on building a custom home for several years and the time never seemed right.  By chance we visited a spec home built by K&Z and fell in love with it. We then decided to explore having K&Z build our home.  From the first meeting with Mike we felt comfortable and informed on the entire process.  We worked with Mike and his team on the design, options, and timing of construction.  The attention to detail was amazing as well as the guidance in helping us make informed decisions on custom selections and options related to the build.  We were provided a very accurate cost estimate with generous allowances for the construction process.  A project plan with actual dates of various phases of the construction process and timing of decisions was provided prior to the construction process and was strictly adhered to.  Our home was completed 2 weeks earlier than promised and has exceeded all expectations.  The team at K&Z was prompt in responding to all of our requests and continues to offer assistance if needed.  I would highly recommend K&Z and would certainly recommend them to my friends and family for their home construction or addition needs."

– Kelli & Jimmy

"The biggest hurdle for our custom built house was that it had to be completed in 4.5 months. With Christine and kids moving up from Va Beach, the house had to be completed by the end of August before the start of the new school year. Mike Krickovic said it would be difficult to meet the deadline but not impossible. We remember him saying “there are two things that could keep me from meeting the schedule and that is the weather and the owners” and what a ride it was trying to keep up with him! There were many areas where K&Z impressed us but one that really stood out was that Mike visited the house every day to monitor progress. Not only did that give us comfort, it was the difference that allowed K&Z to complete the house early with no sacrifice in quality. Throughout the build process, K&Z and their consultants/subcontractor’s were professional, responsive, and courteous. What differentiates them from other builders is their quality and their client service and they do it with integrity.”

– Larney & Christine

"Over the years, we’ve heard many horror stories about building houses from friends and co-workers.  However, after having seen houses built by K&Z Builders and hearing great things about working with them, we decided to take the plunge and build a custom home.   From the start, Mike’s style and approach instantly appealed to our ‘business’ backgrounds.  Expectations and details were explained upfront.  Timelines were outlined (and met) and we were instructed exactly what to do, and when.  When we had questions, Mike’s responses were immediate.

Additionally, K&Z brought creativity to the process.  During the planning phases and throughout construction, Mike had numerous ideas and collaborated with our own tastes to create a better end result.  There are so many variables and options with a custom home, it’s critical to be able to balance flexibility with pragmatism, and Mike balances both extremely well.

Finally, K&Z focuses on quality and stands behind their work.  We’ve been in our house for over three years, and love it.  We were so pleased with our experience, we have recently called on K&Z to expand and finish a bonus room (with bathroom) above our garage.” 

– Chad & Tammy

"We selected K&Z Builders after interviewing a number of General Contractors for a major addition and renovation project on our home. They were not the least expensive, but their price was competitive. In the end, the “X-Factor” for us was the professionalism, honesty and consultative approach we experienced while walking through the job with Mike Krickovic. What impressed us out of the gate was Mike’s intellectual curiosity and honesty. He took the time to understand our intentions and did not take our requests at face value. He offered alternative approaches/solutions after learning how we wanted the space to function. He pulled no punches with his recommendations, but did so in a respectful way.  In the end, we ended up with a better design that met our budget.

Winning the job was just the beginning, the proof of the quality of this firm was really in the delivery. Mike came to us with a detailed project plan with interim milestones to serve as check-in’s. He customized the plan to factor in our personal requests (i.e. family visits, business travel, etc.). And his firm delivered to that plan in every way.  It is clear that K&Z carefully selects their subs and treats them well. Every group that came to work on the job were professional, knowledgeable and courteous. I never felt like we had strangers on the job. They were all a part of the “K&Z Family” and they all worked very hard to deliver the project in a way that minimized the disruption.

We are in the middle of our second, smaller renovation job with K&Z and we have been equally impressed. We have recommended Mike and the K&Z firm to a number of friends and co-workers and in nearly every case, K&Z has won the bid and delivered with the same level of satisfaction."

–  Ed and Marybeth

"We are incredibly pleased with the work both Mike Krickovic and Rusty Ziegler have delivered.  We first had a master bathroom added onto our home several years ago with Mike Krickovic.  The project was smooth and efficient and the finished product is beautiful and has greatly and positively impacted our daily lives.

The most recent deck project, organized and orchestrated by Rusty Ziegler looks amazing.  Rusty was always accessible and timely.  He outlines the project very well and executes it with great accuracy.  He is enjoyable to work with and provides very helpful counsel.  Rusty had to make some changes in the middle of the project because of the City of Richmond’s requirements and he only charged us his cost for the added materials.

We like working with both Mike and Rusty because they are honest and work hard.  They deliver what they say they plan to do in a very timely manner.  Their prices are also very competitive.  Thank you very Much!"

– Kelli and Derek

"K&Z Builders made our build experience a real pleasure.  We worked with Mike Krickovic and were put at ease because he guided us through the whole process. He helped us make wise choices that kept us on budget without sacrificing quality or design.  Above all, I was most impressed with the level of integrity and pride in which this company does business.  They truly stand behind their product and have a keen awareness that they are not building houses but creating homes."

– Craig and Tina