Custom Homes

Custom Homes

Building one-of-a-kind custom homes is the hallmark of K&Z Builders. Our homes represent a creativity, craftsmanship, and attention to detail that is hard to find in the market today. We believe that each custom home is different, a reflection of the family that will live in it one day. As such, we take the time to listen to our clients’ preferences and concerns so that we can build a home that is a true reflection of their vision. We build less than 20 homes per year, so we are able to give each custom home our full focus and attention.

In addition to working with homeowners to build on their own lots, we also have several beautifully wooded lots available in communities throughout Hanover and Goochland counties. From start to finish, our owners work closely with clients to provide a collaborative approach and a single point of accountability.

We're in it to turn dreams into reality, and want to make that process as easy and enjoyable as possible. Regardless of size or cost, we'll help to maximize budgets, improve value, and provide unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship to each project.

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Client Testimonial

"We have built several custom homes, so when we decided to build our “forever home”, we interviewed several custom builders. We did our research and looked at examples of existing custom homes. We selected K&Z Builders, LLC. What swayed us was the flexibility and willingness of Mike Krickovic to address any and all of our requests. Mike is a problem solver, and presented us with several options to meet our needs. He is a builder with a “yes” mentality. He built for us a truly customized quality home that had never been built before. I love my new home, and enjoy a continued relationship with KZ Builders.

Now that I have experienced my home for 3+ years, I can and will highly recommend KZ Builders. Mike is my “go to” person for questions about ongoing maintenance issues/resources. He didn’t “dump me” after the sale!

Since closing on our home, he has finished off a spare bedroom, and built a lovely patio and fire pit. When my river home received hurricane damage, my first call was to Mike. If you need a quality re-model or you are building a custom home, I urge you to consider K&Z Builders, LLC."

– Susan