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Feature: Richmond Navigator

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Enjoy “Big Sky Country” in Breeze Hill

By Josh Young

Richmond is booming, and it doesn’t look like it has plans on slowing down anytime soon. Ask anyone who has lived near West Broad Street for the last couple of decades. Countless developments have sprung up, accompanied by retailers, restaurants and entertainment options. When you have such a fun and thriving city drawing in families to the greater Richmond area, space quickly becomes a precious commodity. While there are a lot of benefits to living right in the midst of it all, there are times when what you need is a little breathing room. As space continues to become more valuable, look no further than the Goochland area to see where people are heading to in order to get the best of both worlds.

Breeze Hill in Maidens is one of Goochland’s newest communities, located just off of Fairground Road close to Route 250. Custom home builder K&Z Builders, LLC have big goals for their newest rural-preservation subdivision. The open home sites average around two to three acres, all of which are surrounded by Goochland’s charming scenic views, however, it’s all within a few minutes drive to Short Pump.

Lonnie Wynn of K&Z Builders says that this new development coincides with a lot of their clients’ desires to have the best of both worlds, “Our clients want to move a little bit away, but still have access to the amenities. What’s happening in that area of Goochland is tremendous.” She also expects to see a some new restaurants popping up in the future, still in hopes of keeping the space that people are looking for.

Any new development runs the risk of losing out on its early promises, even after just a few years. Who’s to say that the breezes coming off those “breezy hills” won’t be blocked out by overcrowding after all is said and done? Kevin Allocca, a longtime Richmond Realtor and site agent in the community, breaks down Breeze Hill’s mass appeal and longevity, “It’s a rural-preservation subdivision. Half of the land cannot be developed.” According to Allocca, this will maintain the rural integrity of the county with “big open pastures on both sides. These houses have truly big sky views.”

Not only is Breeze Hill adding value to the area, it’s also benefiting from Goochland’s existing charm, which is found primarily in its people. According to Allocca, residents here will be happy to experience friendly faces on a daily basis, “You have neighbors, and you have a sense of community.”

While not everyone needs the shopping and amenities that are a big draw to others, most of us might second guess going off the grid once Netflix isn’t loading due to slow internet.” Again, Breeze Hill melds the two worlds of access and relaxation with high-speed wired internet. According to Allocca, “It’s a huge deal.”

Visit Breeze Hill’s model home at 1668 Indy’s Road in Maidens or take a virtual tour at KAndZBuilders.com. For more information, phone 804-569-9745.